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Quest Chasers

TOP 100
middle grade fantasy

Quest Chasers: The Deadly Cavern (Book 1)

Can you outwit the demon and escape the labyrinth alive?

Something downright magical is about to happen, and for two best friends, a tale of danger and mystery is only the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime.

Eevie and Tommy aren’t as skeptical as their classmates. When they hear a strange story about pure evil coming to life, they know there’s something extraordinary out there–if only they can find it. But be careful what you wish for!

Suddenly trapped in an otherworldly realm where evil reigns and danger is around every corner, these two friends must rely on their wits and their creativity in order to survive. Set against an endless string of puzzles, challenges, and life-threatening traps, Eevie and Tommy may have just stumbled into more adventure than they bargained for. In order to get out of the labyrinth, two heads will have to prove better than a demon’s.

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Quest Chasers: The Screaming Mummy (Book 2)

Return to a world where every guess could mean life or death!

Some things never change—and for Eevie and Tommy that means a deadly psycho once again has them in their crosshairs. Return now into this creepy and dangerous world where riddles, traps, and puzzles exist just to test your will to survive. This time with pal Drew along, the three friends must dive headfirst into a magical competition for the fate of their very souls.

Beware the evil Ranger: a nasty being with a bad habit for eliminating children—and this time he’s out for vengeance. Twist and turn your way through the competition and never let your guard down in this all-new adventure packed with pulse-racing action and tricky tests. Can Eevie, Tommy, and Drew outwit the Ranger? Or will they be hunted down by an evil most ancient?

In this second installment of the beloved interactive puzzle adventure series, Quest Chasers: The Screaming Mummy delivers another incredible, out-of-this-realm mystery thrill ride that will delight the minds and imaginations of young readers everywhere!

Quest Chasers: The Chalice of Souls (Book 3)

A hidden world. An evil queen. A diabolical plan to destroy humankind. A page-turning magical adventure perfect for all ages.

Eevie, Tommy and Drew have ventured to the world of Equis where Queen Severin and her army of evil wizards and demons are bent on destroying humankind.

Their quest puts their lives in constant danger as they battle against demonic creatures and evil sorcerers—all in an attempt to keep the Book of Two Deities safe and to steal the chalice of souls from the queen, which she uses to consume the spirits of the dead.

If they don’t succeed, the queen will become unstoppable, and the people of Earth will perish.